Our Services

Our Services

At siventh our goal is to use our services to help the disadvantaged by providing them with opportunities that they do not have access to otherwise due to either their community’s innability to provide support or the lack of any such availability due to other reasons beyond their control.

We strive to do this through Application and Software Development, Mentorship, Consulting, and our CSR as a service.


With our team of both in-house and volunteer solution providers we focus on developing technology-based solutions to address the problems of ‘people or organizations in need’.

These solutions include but are not limited to web based platforms, mobile apps, and web applications.


To promote education, growth, and partnerships, we provide and support mentorship. We provide both One on One as well as Group mentorship both locally and remotely.

When possible, this mentorship focuses in the same areas of ‘people or organizations in need’.


We provide consultation related to marketing/design, law, business development including sales and market entry, or technology including software development, process development, or reengineering analysis.

We do this specifically for social change or sustainability related projects.

CSR As A Service (CSRAAS)

We provide a monthly subscription service that focuses on CSR/ESG activities for companies that lack the knowledge, time, or other resources to do themselves.

This service includes reporting on social impact projects, sustainability improvement, logistical support related to CSR projects, as well as access to social impact MVPs and POCs.