Our Team

Caven Cade Mitchell Profile Photo

Caven Cade Mitchell

Co-Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Tech community leader and software engineer with over 15 years of experience building new business and edge technology applications for enterprises. After working with and helping corporations for his entire career his current and future focus is now on helping as many people as possible through social impact. This impact can happen in any part of the world, can happen with any community, whether rural or urban, can happen with any age group whether young or elderly. As long as the impact is related to helping people who cannot help themselves.

Bryan D. Profile Photo

Bryan D.

Co-Founder - Chief Branding Officer

Bryan is a web designer and tech enthusiast with 6 years experience designing and creating in the professional world. Not satisfied with working only for the purpose of making money, he would like to put his skills to use in a way that improves that lives of others as well as his own. Growing up in America, Bryan has experience doing volunteering to help the homeless, his local community, and his school. "Helping others improve their technological skills along with donating one's time and knowledge can have an exponential impact that cannot be achieved by simply donating a few dollars to a cause every month".

Johnathan McCaskill Profile Photo

Johnathan McCaskill

Co-Founder - Chief Legal Officer

Johnathan is a US-qualified lawyer with more than 20 years of legal experience, including over 15 years of international law practice and work on justice and rule of law projects in several countries, including Iraq, Liberia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kosovo, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. He has been involved as a prosecutor or legal advisor in numerous international criminal investigations and prosecutions, including financial crimes, corruption, and war crimes/crimes against humanity cases. As a member of several international organizations including the United Nations, the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe and the International Commission on Missing Persons, he has advised political leaders, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and judges on human rights laws, investigation and prosecution tactics, international standards and best practices.

Bella Dutki Profile Photo

Bella Dutki

Co-Founder - Chief Operations Officer

Corporate administrative expert with more than 12 years of experience in operations, financial, accounting and human resource functions in international NGOs and educational institutions. Over 5+ years of hands-on experience in executive support to management and the board.

Advisory Board

Trista Bridges Profile Photo

Trista Bridges

Read the Air, Founder
Strategy & Sustainability Advisor

James Sugrue Profile Photo

James Sugrue

DonateCode.com, Founder
Technology Advisor

Masaaki Oka Profile Photo

Masaaki Oka

Founder of Thought Kitchen
Branding Advisor

Yasuyuki Yabuta Profile Photo

Yasuyuki Yabuta

Founder of Search & Specs
Government Advisor

James Kuria Profile Photo

James Kuria

Head of M.E. & African Business Development at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC Japan
Strategy Advisor