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SIVENTH focuses on solving 2 core issues

Lack of Access

For people who live in the least developing countries, rural areas, and for the organizations that support them; access to the solutions that they need is becoming more and more expensive

Lack of Value

When we look at value, we look at the types of organizations able to support solutions at scale, companies and businesses. It costs companies time, money, and other valuable resources to truly make a change.

SIVENTH Solutions

We develop mobile, desktop, and web applications to accomplish a goal or to serve as a Minimum Viable Product or Proof of Concept. An example of this would be the development of a mobile app that when used helps to raise awareness about domestic violence through a set of activities by the mobile user.


With our team of solution providers we focus on developing technology-based solutions to address the problems of ‘people or organizations in need’.


We provide mentorship locally and remotely. When possible, this mentorship focuses in the same areas of ‘people or organizations in need’.


We provide consultation related to marketing/design, law, business development, and technology.


A monthly subscription service that focuses on CSR/ESG activities for companies that lack the knowledge, time, or other resources to do themselves.

People in Need

People who live and operate at the bottom of the wealth pyramid. People who live in developing countries and rural areas. People who suffer from systematic oppression.

These are the people who would benefit the most from social impact solutions and their representatives in corporations, whether NGOs, NPOs, For-profit, or other.


Our developers, designers, project managers, volunteers, and other skilled workers interested in work related to making a social impact.

They may have Expert or Junior level experience. In the case of Junior level experience they are a part of our mentorship service.


Companies interested in supporting social impact causes. These companies are typically constrained by budget and can only subscribe a small portion of their annual budget towards CSR.

Also companies that are interested in having access to MVPs and POCs but lack the manpower to build their own solutions.

Current Projects

In addition to our core products we have two bespoke applications in the pipeline, have begun development on our own ‘social impact framework’ for identifying and improving other social impact companies, and have already begun working with clients to provide mentorship and consultation related services.


Spring Voice

An app to help raise awareness for sexual violence in Japan



Contact tracing app for use by health care providers