Technology With a Social Impact

SIVENTH focuses on providing mentorship, consultation, and corporate social responsibility support through technology. These services are provided to individuals & communities at the bottom of the wealth pyramid and the organizations that support them. Subscribe below for updates.


App Development

We develop mobile, desktop, and web applications to accomplish a goal or to serve as a Minimum Viable Product or Proof of Concept. An example of this would be the development of a mobile app that when used helps to raise awareness about domestic violence through a set of activities by the mobile user.

System Development

We develop a system to accomplish a goal. Systems are not dependent upon multiple users with multiple devices but have 1 central terminal that accomplishes the goal.



We provide technical and design consultation services to organizations who wish to focus on making a social impact, have an existing team, but in order to achieve a successful project, may be lacking key knowledge/experience, e.g., software development, design thinking, usability testing for people with disabilities.


Many sources for solutions already exist in the world but cannot operate at an appropriate scale or are outdated. Our reengineering service is specifically aimed at helping these solutions modernize, become sustainable, and operate at scale.


One on One

We provide remote mentorship opportunities for individuals with backgrounds in engineering, design, and management. These individuals will be paired together as mentor and mentee based on their background.


We provide remote and in-person mentorship to groups with backgrounds in engineering, design, and management. These groups will receive mentorship from a single mentor with the appropriate background.


Our services are provided to those who qualify to receive our support, for free. Otherwise we recommend corporations partcipate in our CSR As A Service Model and hope organizations see value in our regular services.

Once the services and technical projects are delivered to the qualifying individuals, communities, or organizations, we will create a case study and a proof of concept (POC) or minimum viable product (MVP) for sale and distribution to the companies who support CSR and CSR related activities